Please take a few moments to read our Notice of Privacy Practices. We at Jonesboro Clinic care about each and every one of our patients. Many clinics fall into the unfortunate practice of treating their patients as pre-made products on a factory line; they see as many patients as possible, assigning them a number and shuffling them through with as little effort as possible. Jonesboro Clinic went into business with the exact opposite goal. We know that the first step to patient care is taking the time to listen to the patient. Here at Jonesboro Clinic, we care.

Mission Statement

Our goal as a clinic is to use compassion, empathy, and respect to provide the best possible care for all of our patients, and create positive change by improving physical, emotional, and intellectual wellness.


  • We will provide individualized, dignified care for each and every patient we see.
  • We aim to create a positive impact on every patient’s physical and emotional health.
  • We will value the contributions of all staff members, using their unique talents to better the Clinic, as well as our patients.